About Better Dentures

What is a Clinical dental Technician?

A Clinical Dental Technician is a registered dental professional who is equipped with the solid technical training as a Dental Technician (allowing them to handcraft bespoke dentures in the laboratory) as well as the clinical training and skills required for them to qualify and register as a Clinical Dental Technician with the General Dental Council. This further training allows them to undertake the clinical stages of making dentures as well as the technical thus enabling them to make the denture construction process more predictable. Clinical Dental Technicians are able to provide complete dentures direct to patients. Patients with natural teeth or implants must see a dentist before a Clinical Dental Technician can begin treatment-we can easily arrange this for you if you wish

Our Patients Lead the Pace

There may be different denture options and choices available. At Better Dentures Rachel will take time to explain all the possible treatment options available including their pros and cons in a clear way. This allows our patients to make informed decisions about their dental care. Rachel encourages her patients to ask questions about all aspects of their treatment and enjoys answering them in a non hurried way. She is led by the individual patients pace as time is not an issue

What to Expect

Rachel will take time to chat to you about all aspects of your dentures. It is important that dentures correctly support your face and lips and that the teeth are set in a balanced position so as not to cause cheek or tongue biting or cause difficulties with speech and eating. Rachel will ask you about any problems you have with your present dentures as well as about problems you have had with other dentures you have previously had too. It is often helpful if patients bring all their sets of dentures to the first consultation. Rachel will also enquire what aspects of the dentures you like and what improvements you would prefer. It is important to consider whether you are happy with the shape, size, colour and position of the teeth and tell Rachel exactly what you think. She will be happy to discuss any aspect of dentures with you. It can be helpful to bring any photographs of your natural smile to the consultation as this can aid in the selection and setting of the teeth in a more natural way-Rachel can set the denture teeth to reproduce any natural gaps or twisted teeth to gain that natural appearance. It is sometimes useful to bring a friend or relative to the tryin appointment where the dentures are tried in with a wax base-plate as Rachel is happy to make any adjustments to accommodate your aesthetic needs prior to the dentures being processed in the finished material

Quality and Cost

All the products we offer are on a private only basis. Prices do depend on the individual design, but as a guide they start at £295 for a small partial denture and start at £550 for a full set of dentures. You will be given a quote during your FREE initial consultation when your specific needs have been assessed 

Patient Privacy Notice

How we manage and protect information about you

Our aim is to maintain full and accurate records of the care we provide for you and keep this information confidential and secure.

This section is about data protection, confidentiality and information security. It also tells you how you can access information relating to your care.

What information do we collect?

We collect information about you such as your name, address, and contact details alongside any health related information required for the delivery of service. This will enable us to provide the appropriate care and treatment that you need. We also collect information to help our equality and diversity monitoring.

This information may be recorded in writing (i.e. in your medical notes), or electronically on a computer, or a mixture of both.

When you arrive for an appointment, staff may check your details with you to ensure that our records are accurate. To assist with this, it is important that you notify us of any changes to your personal details (e.g. address, contact number).

How do we use the information we collect to help you?

We may use the information we collect to help us provide services to you in the following ways:

·  In order to provide for your care we need to collect and keep information about you and your health on our records.

· We retain your information securely.

· We will only ask for and keep information that is necessary. We will attempt to keep it as accurate and up to date as possible. We will explain the need for any information we ask for if you are not sure why it is needed.

· We ask you to inform us about any relevant changes that we should know about. This would include such things as change of address and phone numbers.

· All persons in the practice (not already covered by a professional confidentiality code) sign a confidentiality agreement that explicitly makes clear their duties in relation to personal health information and the consequences of breaching that duty.

· Access to patient records is regulated to ensure that they are used only to the extent necessary to enable the staff to perform their tasks for the proper functioning of the practice. In this regard, patients should understand practice staff may have to access to their records for:

>> Booking appointments.

>> Recording treatments and processing payments on your dental account.

>>Correspondence to/from dentists and other health professionals.

Do we share information about you with anyone?

· We may need to pass some of this information to other health care professionals in order to provide you with the treatment and services you need. Only the relevant part of your record will be released. These other professionals are also legally bound to treat your information with the same duty of care and confidence that we do.

Occasions when we must pass on information include:

· The law provides that in certain instances personal information (including health information) can be disclosed.

· In the case of disclosures we will only release the information with your signed consent or a court order.

In all cases where we must pass on information, we will only share the minimum amount of information required and where possible data will be anonymised (i.e. does not identify you personally). Anyone who receives information from us also has a legal duty to keep it confidential.

We will always try and obtain your consent wherever possible and inform you if your information is to be shared.  

We will only give information to your relatives, friends and carers if you want us to and have given your permission.

How we keep your information confidential

We protect your information in the following ways:

Training - Staff are trained to understand their duty of confidentiality and their responsibilities regarding the security of patient information both on our premises and when out in the community.

Access controls - Any member of staff being given access to national systems holding patient information will need a special username and password. 

Investigation - If you believe your information is being viewed inappropriately we will investigate and report our findings to you. If we find that someone has deliberately accessed records about you without permission or good reason, we will tell you and take action. This can include disciplinary action, or bringing criminal charges.

Records Management - All healthcare records are stored confidentially in secure locations.

Legislation - There are laws in place to protect your information, includingThe General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

You have the right to contact our Data Controller Rachel Proffitt if you feel that there has been a breach of your confidentiality. Please contact our Data Controller who can provide you with further assistance on:

Phone:  01625 500366

Email: rachelhproffitt@hotmail.co.uk

Post: Better Dentures Ltd, 58 Mill Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 7NR

Can you see the information we collect about you?

If you are concerned about how your data is used you can speak to our Data Controller, Rachel Proffitt who is also involved in your care and personal information.

General Data Protection Regulation gives you the right to know what information we hold about you, what we use it for and if the information is to be shared, who it will be shared with.

You have the right to apply for access to the information we hold about you, whether it is stored electronically or on paper. We have a duty to provide this information in a format that is accessible to you (e.g. large print or Braille) and in a way that you can understand, explaining any abbreviations where necessary.

Where you agree, this access right may be met by enabling you to view the record without obtaining a copy.

In certain circumstances your right to see some details in your health records may be limited in your own interest or for other reasons.

After having viewed your records, if you believe any information is inaccurate or incorrect, please inform us of this in writing.

If you would like to see the information we hold about you please do not hesitate to contact us. 

To be reviewed: 25/05/2019